At Gilmar, we offer the services to meet any need related to the purchase of your home. We take care of all the paperwork and after-sales services that our new client can ask for.

Prior to the real estate transaction

Enjoy our service for free home assessments, legal advice, mortgage loans and official appraisals.

Commercial assessment

If you want to know the value of your real estate, contact us and a we will do it free.

Legal advice

The Legal Department is where answers are provided for any aspect related to property intermediation.

Contact your sales person

Mortgage Center

We are Consultants and Advisors for Gilmar clients who are buying a home and who need financing for the purchase.

Official appraisal
Gilmar has the best professionals in all areas. That is why we are confident that Thirsa, specializing in the appraisal of real estate, will deal with you and your situation in the most professional way. If you wish more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at (+34) 91 540 06 33.

Real estate mediation

Real estate purchase, sale, and rental services


Our sales team will advise you at every moment for the best product, in the best area, with the best options that are required according to your wishes and needs. We assure you complete service:
  1. A sales person who pays attention to and studies your request. After obtaining this information, he selects the properties in our product portfolio, reviews it with you and offers to arrange visits best adapted to your schedule.
  2. Once you choose your real estate, Gilmar will be busy asking for, studying, preparing and reviewing all the documentation needed down to the last detail, all while looking for the best mortgage for you.
  3. Advice from our various departments is continually available to you through your sales person until the end of the operation.


We provide you with 5 reasons to trust us with your home:
  1. We are leaders in the sales and rentals of luxury homes in the best residential areas of Madrid and Costa del Sol, and have the largest business network in Madrid composed by the best real estate professionals. We have been working in the Real Estate sector with over 100,000 satisfied and certified customers for more than 30 years.
  2. Because we make all our advertising methods available to you:
    • The largest number of insertions in the mainstream media.
    • Our real estate magazine with more than 50,000 copies a year.
    • Our web page
    • Static advertising signs, telephone booths, and buses.
  3. Because we have a database of more than 80,000 clients of individuals, small businesses, institutions and corporations.
  4. Because we offer you all the services required for the purchase or sale of your property. From pricing to moving, to studying and negotiating the best mortgage for you, we deal with all the formalities necessary for the completion of the operation in a comprehensive way. Even after the operation, our After-sales Department provides moving, cleaning, alarm and even home improvement and decoration services.
  5. Because a personal advisor is available who will take care of all the administrative concerns and will provide total security during the entire process, so that you don't have to worry about a thing.


With the aim of responding to the different needs of customers, Gilmar has an extra step by creating a specialized team to meet real estate leases.

Searching for, selecting and negotiating real estate for rent has become one of the most renowned services, both for those who wish to obtain high profitability by selling and for those who have chosen to rent their property on a temporary basis.

To rent your property, we put at your disposal all the services of our company until a tenant is located who gives us sufficient guarantees (bank guarantee, company guarantee). You will not only get the profitability and maintenance provided by your property's use, but also the peace of mind of having the best tenant.

To find a rental property, our agent will analyze and study your needs. With this information, you and the agent will select properties in our portfolio and offer to arrange visits to the properties according to your schedule which will be both comfortable and efficient.

A team, specialized in assisting the international public, will deal with business management and formalization of contracts in the language you require.