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Enjoy our valuation, legal and financial advisory services, property loans (mortgages) and official appraisals.


If you want to know what your property’s really worth, contact us and we will implement the entire management process free of charge and with no obligation.

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Our legal department gives you the transparency and guarantees you need to make the best decision.

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Thanks to our Mortgage Centre, you can receive the best offers from banks and get financing tailored to you.


The GILMAR Group’s THIRSA valuation and appraisal firm is approved by the Bank of Spain.
We help with the appraisal of your property and manage all procedures and enquiries related to your transaction.

We help you with any procedures you need

Property purchase, sale and rental services.



If you’re looking for a home, our consultants are ready to help, providing useful information so you choose the best property, the best area and, ultimately, your best option.


We are property sales leaders and can provide you with our digital tools, expertise and the most extensive database on the market, as well as personalised advice from our experts.



We have created a specialist team to handle property rentals that deliver on our customers’ needs.
Discover the options we have for you across different parts of Spain.